maxi skirt - temt // boots - glassons // tee - valley girl // hat - ebay // Jacket - SheInside

I wore this outfit a few days ago when catching up with a friend I hadn't seen in while. She's one of those people that even though you've maybe not seen each other in months, you can still meet up and chat like you see them everyday.

Okay I don't know about you, but i'm always furiously searching for a bargain. I'm well acquainted with the phrase "shop around" which is why i'm so happy with this t-shirt, that I found after walking out of about 5 shops full of new "basics"ranges. Summer's coming up and I need to stock up on some basics, but I don't really want to spend $40 each on an array of slightly different black t-shirts, so thank good for fast fashion shops like Valley Girl, (still can't get over how bad that name is), where  I picked this t-shirt up for $4. I know pretty good right?

Omg, i'm turning 18 tomorrow, which is really weird and really exciting all at the same time. I don't know, I just have this vision of waking up and immediately being older and wiser and way cooler than my 17 old self haha.



So this week's song of the week, (which is really turning into artist of the week), is BANKS. Now i've been listening to BANKS for awhile ever since I heard a Remix of her song Warm Water by Snakehips. Her music is like the soundtrack to my life. She sounds like a cooler, edgier, less male dependant Lana Del Rey,( love you Lana) You know, that really cool girl you're probably too scared to talk to because you reek of inferiority? Her music just seems really real and genuine and has some really good feels.  She's also worked with some really cool producers that produce this really electronic vibe and that mixed in with her soulful, more luxurious voice sounds reaaall good. So have a look at her soundcloud



Leather Jacket  // Maxi dress// Boots

I had a little catch up with some friends today with a quick coffee near at this really gorgeous French bistro. Whenever I go into a café or a bistro I always get carried away looking at the design, I'm not really much of a foodie, as long as it looks pretty and has a taste to match i'm down, but i'm obsessed with the way things look and my brother always makes fun of me for saying "that's not really my aesthetic" all the time. When I was younger I used to dream about owning a cute little café in town. And specifically  a café because I can't cook much, but what I can cook is pretty good (if I do say so myself) and my mum says I make an amazing cup of tea and that's all you really need right?