OOTD - Work, Music and Love and Hip Hop Hollywood

leather jacket - sheinside || adidas backpack - Asos || white t-shirt - cotton on ||pannelled leggings - glassons || bowler hat - ebay

My week can be summed up in a simple ugh. Since i've recently been liberated from secondary education, ive found that you cannot survive in the "real world" without- no not qualifications, but EXPERIENCE. Job hunting is not easy. However my monochromatic wardrobe is great for work clothes.
But there is a silver lining, I have lots of free time to work on a few things, I download a ableton ( music production software, garage band was just no cutting it) and have been honing my music production skills, and reading the miseducation of the negro and watching love and hiphop hollywood ( looooove) as well as Big Brother Australia.


Album Of The Week | Azealia Banks - Broke With Expensive Taste

I think I should just change these into album of the week's because I always seem to talk about albums. 
So after two years of waiting, Azealia Banks finally decided to release her long awaited album Broke With Expensive Taste and honestly it was well worth the wait. I just decided to have a sit down, made myself a cup of tea, opened up tumblr and had a nice little listen to the whole thing in one go.

If you're a Azealia Banks fan you'll probably recognise some old favourites of course, 212, Luxury, Heavy Metal and Reflective, Young Rapunxel and a lovely re-jigged version of Miss Amor. I love what's she's done with the album, the songs are so eclectic, we have Nude Beach a Go Go which clashes with the Spanish romantic sounding Desperado, and then you have the hard hitting Ice Princess which is what a lot of us probably expected from the album. I am also a big lover of house music, and there's definitely a few songs of the track with a more housey dance vibe.

 I really admire Azealia and I know she's notorious for her... lets say "unsavoury" comments, but personally what she says most of the time is 100% spot on and instead of dealing with the issue, the fact that she called someone out overshadows the what really needs to be talked about. And I know her comments also may have contributed to why it took so long to pin down a record label who was going to commit to what could be seen as a loose cannon.
 Overall I can say that the Azealia Banks sized hole in my heart has been filled, gurl on point and you can give it a listen to the album here. :)

I love a good gif, don't you?


OOTD The Basic Jeans and Tee

Jeans - Wildpair // crop - Cotton on // belt - dad's wardrobe

If you've noticed i've been trying to get a little more creative with the photos. I guess I just get a little lazy with the blog photos due to all the conceptual photography work I do anyway. I've been pretty quiet lately and that's mostly due to the fact that it's exam season, the most wonderful time of the year! (excuse the sarcasm) However there is a silver lining, from the 1st of December I will be free from the chains of institutionalised education (until I start uni but lets just forget about that for a while) I've been sticking to the classic jeans and crop combo, and in Auckland, the weather has been pretty good to us and we've been exposed to a lot of pre-summer sun so I basically live in this outfit during the few moments I manage to escape the essay plans and textbooks and have a little catch up session with my friends.