Obsessed with Culottes

I've been buried in books this week, I have 3 essays due when I get back to uni and i'm determined to get 3 A's, honestly when I close my eyes all I see is Microsoft word and referencing help sheets so I had to have a little break on the weekend. 
I spent the weekend having a little shop for some winter knits, the weather forecast said that we'll be experiencing an "arctic blast"this week, so that was the kick up the bum I needed to start buying some stuff to keep me warm during the cold morning trek to uni. I wandered into Glassons and absolutely fell in love with their culottes and ended up buying 4 pairs haha, the girl in the shop was so nice and we just ended up having a little chat about culottes. I'll admit it's maybe not the best season to buy them, but that's what leggings are for! I'll just sneak a pain on underneath.
I also broke my camera a while ago, which will explain the absence of posts, gutted because I missed the good natural summer lighting, so i'll just make do with my iphone for now T.T #starvingstudent


My Week In Photos

So we've finally had our first full week of 2015! Crack the champagne (any excuse for alcohol)


OOTD - Work, Music and Love and Hip Hop Hollywood

leather jacket - sheinside || adidas backpack - Asos || white t-shirt - cotton on ||pannelled leggings - glassons || bowler hat - ebay

My week can be summed up in a simple ugh. Since i've recently been liberated from secondary education, ive found that you cannot survive in the "real world" without- no not qualifications, but EXPERIENCE. Job hunting is not easy. However my monochromatic wardrobe is great for work clothes.
But there is a silver lining, I have lots of free time to work on a few things, I download a ableton ( music production software, garage band was just no cutting it) and have been honing my music production skills, and reading the miseducation of the negro and watching love and hiphop hollywood ( looooove) as well as Big Brother Australia.