SS 14 Haul

Just some stuff i've picked up over the past few weeks, trying to get my basics game on point in time for summer haha.


Song of the Week - Jaden Smith Let it Breathe

This is a brand new track from Jaden Smith's new album, The Cool Tape Vol. 2 and according to his twitter, it has been a full two years in the making. I was really impressed with his album and it the two years does show in the music. Jaden has been under some pretty close scrutiny from a lot of hip hop lovers, and his new album has been pretty well received from the reviews I've read. It has a great vibe and you can hear it on his new Jaden Experience app, as well as streaming it here. Though this song is a staggering 10 minutes long, you don't even feel it. Didn't think I would really be able to vibe on a song from a 16 year old but it's clear Jaden's been through a lot of growing. Every part of the song stands as a great section on it's own and you don't have to awkwardly skip over "the boring bit" (I know you know what i'm talking about.) This is a great start for Jaden and I can't wait to see what else he comes out with. :)

OOTD The Basic Jeans and Tee

Jeans - Wildpair // crop - Cotton on // belt - dad's wardrobe

If you've noticed i've been trying to get a little more creative with the photos. I guess I just get a little lazy with the blog photos due to all the conceptual photography work I do anyway. I've been pretty quiet lately and that's mostly due to the fact that it's exam season, the most wonderful time of the year! (excuse the sarcasm) However there is a silver lining, from the 1st of December I will be free from the chains of institutionalised education (until I start uni but lets just forget about that for a while) I've been sticking to the classic jeans and crop combo, and in Auckland, the weather has been pretty good to us and we've been exposed to a lot of pre-summer sun so I basically live in this outfit during the few moments I manage to escape the essay plans and textbooks and have a little catch up session with my friends.