On Saturday I ordered these Chelsea boots from Glassons and they got here yesterday, which I was really impressed with considering I didn't pay for shipping. My brother absolutely hates them, he thinks they look like builders boots, but I don't care because they're perfect and I love them. <3 I tried them on in the shop the other day and I wasn't too sure but then I went on their website and they were having a 20% of everything sale and thought why not? (Every great idea begins with why not right?)

That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, we've been inseparable since.
So far, I've actually had a pretty productive holiday which is a first for me. I've already completed about 80% of my Scholarship Photography workbook so everything's looking up, and my birthday's coming up soon too (11th October) so it's good vibes all around. :)


Outfit of The Day

Crop Top - Factorie || Ripped Jeans - Wild Pair || Shirt - ?|| Leather Jacket - SheInside

I did have another absolutely gorgeous leather jacket that I would have happily married given the chance, however it got stolen, so I decided to fill the leather jacket sized hole in my heat and ordered this one from SheInside. I haven't really ordered anything from them before so I was worried about how it would turn out quality-wise and shipping times but I was really impressed with the quality and it didn't take too long to come considering I didn't have to pay for shipping.

Yes I am still alive. I'm terrible at sticking to anything but one thing I am good at is always coming back. Things have been a bit hectic at school as usual with senior exams coming up and internals and productions, so I haven't really had much time to breathe never mind blog. I still can't get to grips with the fact that after this, that's school finished. Forever. (bit dramatic) But I'm so excited for Uni and even more excited to just have some time to relax.


Song of the week|| Sampha - Too Much

You might recognise a little bit of this from Drake's "The Motion." I heard Daniel Sturridge do a little bit of a Jam to it and got googling and found the original, which is just beautiful. And of course I didn't stop there, I went and had a listen to his Ep Dual, which is like an extended version of his greatness which I really recommend. He has a voice that's just so comforting and easy, and can be summed up witht he phrase gooood feeels. :)